Patricia Anne Singelyn

I view the creative process as a phenomenon whereby something new can be manifested from the mundane. I am immersed in the art of transformation. I make art because I am compelled to. I cannot imagine my life without it or the sense of presence and joy I feel when I am lost in the act of creating. 

A newly established resident of Longmont, Colorado, I bring with me thirty years experience of teaching art to children. My background as a teacher has turned me on to the possibility of creating beauty from everyday discards. I am highly influenced by the spontaneous, uninhibited and whimsical quality present in the art of a child. I seek to bring these characteristics into my work. The children have been my teachers and I theirs, throughout the years.

I consider myself a mosaic artist, however, I play in all media and love sharing my gifts by teaching art classes. I see all things as potential materials for my work. I start with an idea or an object that animates me; I glue it down and the journey begins. My art changes as I move further into it. I tend to “feel” my way to the finish, intuiting a pleasing juxtaposition of the pieces. 

My art is an invitation to the viewer to play along with me and, if only for a second, feel the sense of wonder and joy of a child.